CyberComm Marketing, LLC has a number of domain names for sale.  If interested, please contact us to place a bid. 

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CyberComm Marketing, LLC was founded in 1999 with one online directory that offered an internet presence to local businesses. In May of ’99 we bought a domain name for local use and listed local businesses on it at a much discounted price over what it would have cost to build and manage one themselves. At the time, a lot of businesses felt the Internet was just a trend, and the cost was too great of a risk in their minds. Having CyberComm manage the site, while sharing it with other businesses lowered the price significantly.  Well, as we all know, it wasn’t a trend, and some of those businesses are still clients of CyberComm almost 20 years later. When they got ready to build their own website we were there to host it for them, and we still do. In ’99, we literally were bringing cyberspace to the community, which is where we found our name.  We have had many domain names a long time, and have decided to let them go to a better home.  If you see anything of interest E-Mail Us, and we’ll give you a call back to see what we can work out concerning the  domain name.


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